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After completing the survey, you will receive your Work Profile. This profile helps you determine what drives you to work, what you are good at doing, what you enjoy doing and what your ideal work environment is. 

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About Communities United

Communities United is a collaborative initiative in five Edmonton neighbourhoods that is building connections and activities to strengthen the lives of individuals, families, and communities.

We are using, MatchWork, an online platform, to help us collect the workforce data we need to inform our employment support services.

 This helps us focus our efforts to support you & other job seekers.

Are you looking for meaning

from your work?

Here is how your work profile helps you figure out what meaningful work looks like for you

Other than paying your bills, do you have clarity on why you NEED to work?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on what drives you to work and/or continue learning

Do you have a clear sense of what your are great at AND what you enjoy doing?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on clear sense of the value you can add to the world


Why is it that work is so important to us?

Why is it that some jobs make me feel unfulfilled?

Your Work Profile helps you get clear on what you need from your workplace to feel connected & engaged


Frequently Asked Questions

Will this tell me what I should do with my life?

Not yet. What it will do is help you narrow down what matters to you in your work life and help you reflect on what you should focus on to find & feel fullfilled and engaged in your work life.

What should I do with my Work Profile?

You should book a session with a good career coach who can help you create a plan on how best you can find fulfillment in and from your work, based on your Work Profile

Can I get my team to do this and compare notes?

Yes you can. If your team and/or organization signs up, you have the added beenfit of seeing team and organization aggregated Work Profiles.

For teams, email us at:

What do you do with the information?

We use responses to generate broader insights into the assets and strengths present in the community, help to identify gaps or needs, and inform approaches and opportunities with industry partners. 

Who owns the data?

Each user owns their own data.

How much will this cost?

Communities United is making this assessment free.

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We co-designed and tested prototypes that helped identify pain points in the employment supports journey with our community partners. Together, we shaped the new standard.

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